Recommended testing for your personal needs

With the most modern laboratory technology we are able to offer a wide range of textile physical and textile chemical tests which are grouped into individual testing packages.

These include recommended textile tests for each product category such as fibres, yarn, knitted fabric or ready-made garments, allowing you to efficiently select the relevant tests. You can easily complete the forms online and send them to us with a click.

Our testing laboratory is accredited according to ISO 17025 (STS 0228) and performs all tests predominantly according to EN and ISO norms. 



Testing Package

From fibre length and fineness to GMO testing or multi-method fibre analysis, the fibres testing package tests the raw materials of your articles in detail.



Testing package

The yarn testing package offers various specific tests for yarn, bobbin or cones including tenacity, fineness and evenness. 



Testing Package

Besides tear force, fabric weight, determination of spirality and colour fastness, the fabric testing package includes further relevant fabric tests.   


Hosen und Shorts

Trousers and Shorts
Testing Package

This testing package includes specific tests for trousers or shorts such as abrasion resistance, seam slippage, colour fastness to perspiration and water and many more.  



Velcro Fastener
Testing Package

Since the Swiss engineer George de Mestral invented the Velcro fastening in 1951, the technological requirements of this product have continuously developed. Today manufacturers and distributors are confronted with a multitude of norms which make the selection of textile tests more difficult.

 The Velcro fastener testing package offers you a simplified selection of relevant tests such as longitudinal shear strength and dimensional change.



Knitted Fabric
Testing Package

Warp and weft knitted fabrics are tested for pilling, snagging, the grab method and many more in our knitted fabric testing package.



PPE by the metre
Testing Package 

This package was created especially for PPE textiles and offers all manufacturers and distributors of PPE by the metre an essential tool to help choose the correct textile tests. 



Testing Package

Waterproof clothing and accessories are essential in many situations and need to be not only waterproof but also functional. This testing package includes permeability to air, abrasion resistance and colour fastness to rubbing amongst others.    




Testing Package

A number of technical and legal requirements are often hidden behind the manufacturing and marketing of socks, which make the selection of textile tests harder. The socks testing package focuses on product specific tests for socks, e.g. moisture management, abrasion resistance and colour fastness to washing and perspiration. 



Testing Package

In our society sport is becoming increasingly important and is now a way of living. To ensure the functionality and comfort of sportswear, the testing package is made up of specific tests for these purposes.


UV Schutz

UV Protection
Testing Package

As a result of increasing awareness concerning skin damage and the need for sun protection, the market requires manufacturers and distributors of UV shading textiles and protective clothing to test their products according to UV Standards. 

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